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I’ve been dyeing my hair crazy colours since I was about 15 and so far i’ve found some hits and misses with certain brands. I originally heard of Arctic Fox from Kristen Leanne’s youtube channel (I found her because of the Nyx Face Awards) and I was immediately intrigued. I was always on the hunt for new hair dyes to try and since theirs was cruelty free, vegan and had added conditioners it sounded like a winner to me. So far I have 7 (Transylvania not included in the picture) and i’m in love.

It doesn’t stain everything it touches, and if you have a white bathroom like me then that’s a godsend! It smells amaaaaaaazing like cotton candy, and you don’t really need a lot if you mix it with conditioner. I’ve had Virgin Pink for nearly a year and I still have 1/4 bottle left.

First off I went pink (which is pretty much my signature colour at this point):


I used Virgin Pink to achieve this mixed with conditioner, since I prefer bright colours I didn’t dilute it but if that’s more your style they have Arctic Mist which dilutes all of their shades! The first shade was over a dark strawberry blonde ombre, and the other 2 was over super light blonde ombre in direct sunlight then a week later in natural light.

Next I added a little blue:

I added some Aquamarine on the ends, purely because I get bored easily, and I was shocked at how well it came out! Every other blue semi permanent dye I have tried never actually sticks to my hair or washes out straight away whereas this one stayed put for a long time!

After that, I threw in some purple!

Again, purple was a colour that never stayed in my hair long but this one lasted a least 2 months before I noticed it had faded, and it faded to a really pretty silver so I can’t even complain. I used Purple Rain all over the faded pink & blue for this.

Next up: pure blue.

Since I was so shocked at how the blue came out before I wanted to slap it all over my head. Because my hair was so multi toned from the ombre and purple before it came out about 4 different shades of blue, which I loved!

Fruit Salad!

I did a bleach bath after a failed silver attempt before this so my hair was a fairly light blonde before I did this one. I used Wrath (a darker pink) at my roots, Sunset Orange on the mid lengths and Cosmic Sunshine on the very ends. Genuinely shocked at how well the yellow took, it’s gorgeous!

And again, because I get bored so easily I changed it again to my current colour:

Pink and blue were my favourites and I really couldn’t decide so I went for both! I mixed Wrath + Virgin pink + Transylvania for my right side and Aquamarine + Transylvania for my left! I also covered some of the patches I missed on my undercut with Transylvania too!

This is definitely a brand I love and i’m super excited to see what other colour concoctions I can come up with! The only problem I have is that they’re US based and i’m not, so I have to order them from Amazon but the shipping was really quick, and the cost isn’t too bad if you think of how long it lasts (if you use it properly).

Sorry for the overload of my face but i’ve wanted to do a review of some sort on here for a while and this seemed like a good place to start! Hope ya enjoyed!

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