Hello! I didnt’ mean to abandon my blog for this long but I hit a creative block and I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it, but I think I want to do more reviews. I’m gonna start with D Benoit matte lip colours because I was just introduced to the brand and I already love it! I’ll be rating the products by different categories: scent, application, staying power, dryness, opacity & packaging. Lets go!


I grabbed the Nud-y Brown bundle because I wanted to give them a try and I figured why not grab 3 to properly test them out? I picked this bundle because I love neutral colours and I don’t have that many in my collection that I feel comfortable enough wearing everyday without having to top them up every 2 hours. The colours are beautiful, Perfection II being my favourite. Chocolate Tsunami is absolutely stunning but for some reason my camera picks up way more red than it looks in person. In The Bare is a really pretty sweet pink which goes with anything. Overall, this bundle is a perfect start to this brand!

Scent: All 3 smell delicious! They have no chemical scent at all, in fact they all smell like sweet desserts, but not too overpowering. Perfection II is my favourite because it reminds me of vanilla cupcakes. In The Bare II smells like candyfloss, and Chocolate Tsunami smells a bit like cranberry, according to my mother!

Application: The applicator is a simple straight slightly tapered wand which makes it really easy to achieve a nice lip line without having to worry about lip brushes. I suck at applying liquid lipsticks but with these it makes it a thousand times easier. The formula is creamy and smooth and once it’s on it feels like nothing on the lips, super comfortable to just pop on and go without having to think about it all day.


Staying Power: This is the only liquid lipstick I have tried that survived eating, brushing my teeth (don’t ask, I was in a rush) and all day at work. Personally, when i’m concentrating I nibble on my lip stud with means most lip colours wear off pretty quickly but this stuff didn’t budge at all. Our ultra matte formula will last up to 18 hours without fading in color, bleeding or cracking lips.” <<< I can say without a doubt that this is definitely true!

Dryness: As long as your lips are hydrated then the formula is perfect. Obviously if you have dry or cracked lips then they’re gonna get worse when you add any matte product but compared to other liquid matte lipsticks I have tried these are the most comfortable. My lips still felt soft after about 6 hours of wear and was mostly still in place (it would have been perfect if I didn’t chew on my lips!)

Opacity: The swatches above were done with 1 coat on my lips and hand. You can build up the colour if you want it super opaque but you really don’t need to, one coat is definitely enough.

Packaging: I personally really like the packaging, it’s simple but cute. The fact that it’s a really sturdy plastic makes me confident enough to throw (or gently place) it into my bag without it exploding or leaking everywhere. Plus i’m pretty clumsy so if I accidentally drop it at least it won’t break!

Overall I love these products, as well as the brand. I will definitely be grabbing more asap!


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