Top 5’s for pale skin! Part one!

Hello! So my lovely friend Sian gave me the idea to do a series on pale skin, makeup basics, what products are for, if you really need them etc, so I’m gonna start off with my top 5 products for pale skin! I’m gonna separate it into two posts; bases & powders.
Now, when I say pale skin, I mean pale skin. Like, Casper the friendly ghost pale. So pale that people ask if you’re okay because you look sick? I feel you. ✊🏻


Ref: I am this pale. Admittedly the black lips didn’t help but ya get my point. (in mac terms im an nw10 with a cool undertone)

So where to begin? The base:

I love all of these foundations for different reasons, the main being that they actually have my shade! My favourite is the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (shade: 010 light porcelain) because it provides enough coverage but is still light enough for everyday wear, the only thing is that it has a slight sparkle to it, which I personally like but it’s down to personal preference. The Infallible (shade 15) is fantastic for coverage, I’d say it’s medium but it is just slightly too dark for me, it’s the right tone but I do have to blend it well into my neck. Mac Studio Fix (shade NW10) is the heaviest coverage but I’d say it’s the best match. It’s not great for everyday since it is so heavy but if you want to use it for photographs or special events then it’s wonderful. The miracle match (shade light porcelain) is a great shade match but honestly it’s kind of a back up if I ever run out of any others. The Revlon Colorstay is medium coverage and I’ve found the shade range to be really good. I use the shade Ivory but I can get away with Buff too.

Next up: concealer!

My all time favourite concealer? Urban Decay’s Naked Skin, it’s the perfect shade, it’s even light enough to be a highlight! 😱 I bought the Bourjois radiance reveal concealer after swatching it and being amazed that it was light enough, although it’s not light enough to highlight. The Fit Me concealer is a tad too dark for me but it’s a great concealer if it matches! Since it’s too dark for me I can’t give a personal opinion but I’ve heard great reviews & it looked great when I had a tan! I bought the Mac Pro Longwear concealer aaaages ago but unfortunately I got a shade too dark, but it still works amazingly! Plus it’s a great eye primer! If you get the right shade then it’s definitely one of the best concealers available. The last one is the Barry M concealer, the shade is perfect but unfortunately it isn’t very full coverage (I prefer fuller for my concealers) and it does tend to dry quite quickly so you really have to work fast to blend it in.

Alright that’s it for bases! I’ll do contour, blushes, bronzers & highlighters in my next post!

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading! 💕


  1. Jessie Tevendale May 29, 2016 / 2:27 pm

    Love the urban decay products! Great post! Great blog❤️❤️

  2. Sian May 30, 2016 / 8:39 am

    This is SO fab. I was going to ask you what the name of the Urban Decay concealer was you were telling me about and now I can just check this brilliant post! Now to work out what shade I need and I should be good to go. I’m totally going to keep rereading this every time I need/want new make up too! 🙂

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