Top 5’s for pale skin! Part two!

Hello again! I hope the first part was helpful, this time I’ll be going over contouring, highlighting & bronzing. I will be doing blush at some point but I don’t own many or use it often so I don’t have many suggestions right now, soon though!

Okay here we go!

Contouring! The main problem of contouring with pale skin is finding a shade that doesn’t look orange or muddy on your ghostly face; the struggle is real. But before I go on to explain my choices, I’ll go over skin tones! Simple trick of figuring out your tone: veins. Are your veins blue/purple? You’re cool toned! Are they more green? You’re warm toned! Another way of figuring it out is how much the sun likes you; do you tan easily without burning? You’re probably warm. Do you burn easily and barely tan? Cool toned. It’s an unfair fact of life but there ya go. It’s easier to look at than explain:



The most well known contouring powder for pale skin is Nyx Taupe blush because it’s light, grey toned and buildable which means you won’t get a big stripe across your face and panic because it won’t blend out. We’ve all been there, no shame 😛 Sleek have always made amazing products and the great thing about them is they concentrate more on providing products for darker skin tones, which I feel not enough “drug store” brands do. The Face Form in light is a great all rounder because the contouring shade is cool toned, which also means that the blush works with cool toned skin too! The highlight is really nice, but all sleek highlights are amazing, as you’ll see further on! The Makeup Revolution contour palette is nice, but since there’s only one shade that I really use its not my go to, but if you want a good all rounder that provides setting powders and highlights then this might be a good one for you! My personal favourite is the Freedom Contour stick in light because I prefer cream formulas and it’s great to just grab and go, which makes it perfect for travel! The shade is great and it blends out easily, the only downside is that the highlight/concealer shade is slightly darker than my natural shade so i only really use one side, but for the price you can’t really complain! My newest favourite is the Rimmel Contour/Blush/Highlight trio; the contour shade is cool toned, although they do make a more warm toned one too! The blush and highlight shades are lovely and subtle enough for an everyday look! If you want a more dramatic highlight then just hang on, I got ya covered! 😉

Bronzers! Alright I don’t wear bronzer much, since I’m so white I never thought it would work but these two are the only two I’ve tried that work for me so far! Sorry it’s not 5 but I’m working on it! 😁 I love these both equally, but I’d say the Rimmel (I don’t remember what the shade is called but it’s the lightest one) one is more pigmented so just keep that in mind and don’t go ham with the bronzer brush! The Bourjois is shade 51 and it smells like chocolate so you can’t really go wrong with this one! 😛 I’ve also heard that Benefit’s Hoola is amazing too but I haven’t got my hands on that yet, but when I do I’ll update!

Aaaaand my favourite part; highlighters!

If ya wanna shine brighter than the sun then I have the recommendations for you! So why is highlighting necessary? Well, it’s not to be honest, it all comes down to personal preference. You can go for more of an intense highlight (although once you start you’ll probably not be able to stop) or go for more of an everyday natural healthy glow. You can use cream, liquid or powder highlights depending on the look you’re going for, or you can layer them all up to shine brighter than the sun!

My personal favourites: the Sleek highlighting palettes! I have Midas Touch (unfortunately limited edition, but unless you wear blue on a regular basis, like I do, then you can easily get the other one that I don’t have: Precious Metals!) and Solstice, and I love them both equally, but my favourites are the white & pink shades, although you can mix the gold tones in for more of a bronzed glow! They are so pigmented that you only need to dip your brush in or even your finger and you’ve got enough for aliens to see you! The Sleek Barekisser illuminator & Gosh Lumi Drops are fairly similar and perfect for a “glow from within” look. You can apply them with a sponge, fingers or brush or mix it in with your foundation for a super glow! My everyday so-in-love-it’s-like-my-baby go to highlight is the Mary Lou-Manizer from The Balm. Ughhhhhh it’s so perfect! It’s got a golden undertone but it works so well for all skin tones while still not being over the top (although you can build it up) and it is the perfect highlighter for pale skin, in my opinion!

So where do you put all this stuff?

I hope this was helpful & again thank you for reading! Now go glow like a glazed doughnut! 💕


  1. Jessie Tevendale May 29, 2016 / 4:51 pm

    This post helped me so much, thanks! I love the bourjois chocolate bronzer, so many shades and the light one is amazing on me! X great post x

  2. Sian May 30, 2016 / 8:45 am

    My favourite line in this has to be “They are so pigmented that you only need to dip your brush in or even your finger and you’ve got enough for aliens to see you!” – it totally made me smile when I read it! 🙂 Not only do I feel like I actually know what contouring is now, you’ve completely enlightened me on what products to use and what goes where. I’ve seen images of incredible contouring floating around for months and have just admired it from a far – now I feel like I can actually get involved thanks to your post!!

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