Taming the brows!

Hello! Just wanted to do a quick little post about my brows! It’s mainly a celebration because I actually got around to taming the beasts after weeks of looking like Chewbacca.

PicMonkey Collage.png

So firstly to de-fuzz I used a teeny face razor (you can get a pack for like £1 on ebay/amazon) to get rid of the unibrow and sharpen up the tops of my brows, then I plucked the strays. Using a tiny pair of nail scissors and a clean spoolie/brow brush I trimmed the hairs that were too long just to neaten them up!

The main point of this post though is because I wanted to praise the beauty that is the Anastasia Browwiz ♥ I’ve had a scar on my right brow since I was about 9 which stops any hair growing, so basically I have a bald patch, and every brow pencil/gel/pomade/powder doesn’t seem to cover for very long if at all so my brows always look super uneven and righty always looks thinner, but since trying the Browwiz I can’t remember the last time I had a bad brow day! It fills the sparse areas perfectly while still keeping them looking natural (personally i’m not a fan of insta brows on myself, but you do you) and with a clear or matching brow gel over top they stay looking great all day!


Anyway, i’m just happy that I finally de-unibrowed, have a lovely evening & thanks for reading! ♥


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