QUICK REVIEW: MUA shimmer highlighters!

Hello beautiful beans! Today I wanted to do a super quick review of the MUA shimmer highlights, they’re not really new but I’ve been eyeing them up for a while and after hearing they are fantastic then I figured I’d give them a go!

iridescent gold, pink shimmer & opalescent amber.

they’re £3 each & I got the 3 shades that my local Superdrug carries, but I think online they have at least one more shade (that I saw anyway). I personally would only go for the pink one normally but for blog purposes I picked up all 3 & I’m actually really glad I did! Iridescent gold is a gorgeous glowy shade & pink shimmer looks the most natural for me because of my pink undertone and it just looks light and natural for an everyday look. Opalescent Amber is one I wasn’t expecting much from on my skin because I assumed it would be way too dark but it looks really good as a shimmery blush!

Overall these highlighters are stunning and for £3 each you really can’t go wrong! Highly recommend! 💕


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