REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold palette.

Hello! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! 😘

I’ve always loved the Makeup Revolution palettes, their blush, eyeshadow and highlight palettes are such good quality for the price that I was so excited when I saw this little beauty in my local store!

Look how pretty! 😱 alright let’s get straight into the swatches!

Some of the shades work with my pasty face, some of them don’t, not much of a surprise but I’m still really happy with the results! The pinkier/iceier shades work best on my tone in my opinion, and the golden tones wash me out a little, but if I wanted to go for a tanned glowy look then I could definitely use all of the shades! The brighter pink shade is stunning if you dust it over a matte blush to give an extra shimmer and I think it’s probably my favourite shade in the palette!

Considering they have a shimmer the texture of the blushes are really soft, I expected them to be a little grainy but they blend out really smoothly and feel lovely on the skin. The shimmer isn’t overpowering for a blush but looks just enough to give a nice pop of glow, I personally like to add a highlight as well but if that’s a little too much for some people then just the blush is enough.

For the price point: I believe they are £6 each, which is damn good for a palette! If you like a shimmer bronzer/blush then this is a fantastic product to try, plus you get some lovely highlights too! Also not too overpowering for us pale people!

Overall: recommended! 💕 thanks for reading!


  1. Zahra June 22, 2016 / 9:17 am

    Great review x

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