REVIEW: Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Contour book!

Whoops this post took a lot longer than intended! 😁

So where to begin with this beauty? Well first of all, look at it:

It’s so pretty I wanna cry.

Okay serious review time. Honestly I had never seen anything from this brand before then all of a sudden I was seeing this palette everywhere on my Instagram feed, it was like a giant neon sign calling out to me. So I checked it out and upon looking at the left side of the palette decided that it needed to be in my life forever, I mean those grey tones are so perfect c’mon. Obviously the palette looks a little intimidating at first, like “what the hell am I gonna use a dark grey shade for?” but trust me they don’t make you look like a corpse (unless that’s what you’re going for then yeah you can totally use it for that too!) and they actually look quite subtle when blended properly. The textures are super soft and you can ever use them as eyeshadows, well I do anyway.

I personally love the left side of the palette because the shades are so cool toned that they genuinely look like shadows on my face whereas most cool toned brown contour shades make my face look a little muddy, but I can also add a tiny bit of any of the 3 right shades on top to add some warmth while still suiting my pale skin.

I’m not really a blush kinda person and I never actually used to wear it until very recently and I still haven’t quite figured out which shades work for me but all 4 blush tones in this palette work really well with my skin tone, and I don’t end up feeling like a clown which is always nice. Again they’re super soft and blendable as well as buildable.

The staying power is great, considering most days when I get home from work I have barely any makeup on my face (I touch my face a lot throughout the day without realising) this is always still right where I put it when I get back home. (I do use a setting spray though so that may help.)


As you can see the white shade only just shows up on my skin but it’s perfect for an underbrow highlight and I sometimes use it to set my undereye area too, and the lighter more yellowy tone is a great eyeshadow base.

PicMonkey Collage.png

Alright bottom line: I’m in love with this palette. It’s totally worth the money; I use it everyday, I can use it for my face, eyes and special effects looks + there’s not one shade I haven’t used or don’t like. It’s literally perfect. Contour my damn corpse with this palette, i’m so in love with it 💖 (do corpses even need contouring? probably not, right?)  😉

thanks for reading, byeeeeeeee x


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