REVIEW: Sleek MakeUp Whimsical Wonderland collection!

Good evening! I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

When we got these in at work first I was so excited to try them out so I grabbed them all as soon as I could! 😁

Let’s jump right into my review:

Gel Blushes

Oh boy, these blushes. I swatched them on my hand for the pictures and they lasted hours, I washed my hands about 10+ times, colored and washed my hair and they were still tinted on my hand. The shades at first look super bright and terrifying at first, but they come out quite sheer when applied. First time I tried them I thought I put way too much on and that I was gonna look like a clown all day but blending it out with a beauty blender worked perfectly! They’re super smooth and blendable, whilst still being pigmented and wearable. I love them to be honest, and considering I never usually wear blush that is a pretty bold statement!


L-R: Tomfoolery, Lickety-Split & Hullabaloo.

VIP Lipsticks

My favourites of the collection! They’re creamy, moisturising, pigmented, vibrant and they smell amazing; what’s not to love? Honestly, I don’t have a lot to say on these but I love them a lot, just look at them!


Bottom Clockwise: Big Shot (purple), Hot Tottie (pink) & Fancy Pants (orange).

All The Fun Of The Fair Palette

Considering I have all the other sleek palettes, as well as the face forms and highlighting palettes, I had high expectations for this, and I won’t lie; I was a little disappointed in this 😕 I tried it three times, and whilst it’s a really nice palette I just feel like it’s not for me personally, since I prefer brighter super pigmented in your face shadows and this is more subtle/pastel. I didn’t really think about that before I tried it so I was a little sad, but in retrospect it’s a really nice palette to add a subtle pop of colour to an everyday look that’s still suitable for work/school! The colours come out really well swatched too, and to be honest maybe i’m just too pale for the shades! 😛 Even so it’s a really nice palette and I would still recommend picking it up!

Here’s 2 looks I created with the palette, the first is using the matte shades and the second is using the shimmer shades. I found the shimmer shades to be a lot more pigmented than the mattes, although my camera doesn’t like to pick up colour very well so these pictures don’t really do them any justice.

Sleek is one of my favourite “drug store” brands and this collection is absolutely stunning! I highly recommend grabbing at least one thing from this collection while you have the chance! (it’s limited edition, I believe)

Thanks for reading! 💖


  1. contemplatingstyle June 29, 2016 / 12:02 pm

    Maybe Sleek changed their eyeshadow formula? They were great, but the last few palettes swatch kinda badly… I don’t have this one nor the recent natural ones (those with night and day in the names), I wanted to get them but when I saw the reviews I gave up. The last ones that I have and love are Enchanted Forest and Supernova.

    • pixelheartmakeup June 29, 2016 / 2:16 pm

      Oh I didn’t think of that! I actually forgot about the last 2 palettes because they didn’t wow me so I didn’t pick them up! If they have changed them then that’s really disappointing 🙁

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