REVIEW: Sleek Matte Me Liquid Lipsticks

Good evening lovelies! I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week! I love the original Sleek Matte Me lipsticks so I was thrilled when they brought out 6 new shades! I’ve done, extremely lazy and messy, swatches of all 9 shades that I own; 6 of the new shades, 3 of the originals. Let’s go!

Scent: They don’t have a scent to them, no overpowering fruity or chemically scent, which I personally prefer but it’s personal preference.

Application: The darker shades don’t apply very evenly and do drag just a little, whereas the lighter shades apply smoother and creamier. Old Hollywood and Vino Tinto look slightly patchy on my lips, but that might be because my lips were dry/cracked when I swatched them. The lighter shades feel much smoother and go on much more opaque, I’d suggest trying a lip balm underneath though just for extra moisture. They have changed the applicators on the new shades, they went from a long flat wand to a doe foot, which again is down to personal preference but I think I actually prefer the old applicators, maybe just ‘because I’m used to them .


new wand (L) vs old wand (R)

Staying Power: Considering these are “drugstore” and a fairly affordable price, the staying power of these is surprisingly good! They last for a whole work day as long as you avoid oily food/drinks (not oily drinks but ya know what I mean) and it feels like you’re not wearing them after a while, although they can kind of flake off if your lips are dry.
Dryness: They can be fairly dry but if you moisturise your lips well they aren’t too much of a problem.
Opacity: The lighter colours go on more opaque and take less layering than the darker shades, but if you build up the darker shades they become opaque enough. As you can see from the lip swatches they can come out slightly streaky or patchy.
Packaging: I really like the packaging, I feel like the square packaging makes the applicator easier to grip and gives more control. They look sleek, no pun intended, and I don’t know, fancy? 😛

Overall: I really like these! They’re really comfortable for drugstore price and they last really well, plus the shades are gorgeous! My favourites are Velvet Slipper, Bittersweet, Birthday Suit and Shabby Chic.

Hope ya enjoyed! Peace ✌

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