Gel nails! 💅🏻

Evening! My lovely friend Sian and I decided to go get our nails done for the first time 2 weeks ago and I wanted to do a post all about them and how they look now!

So the gel that was used was Orly Gel FX in the shade ‘Prince Charming‘, as well as the Gel FX PrimerGel FX Basecoat and the Gel FX Topcoat. First of all the nail tech cleaned off the excess oils with nail polish remover, pushed back my cuticles, shaped and buffed my nails and added the nail primer to the tips of my nails. I picked a rounded shape as a personal preference, and once they grow out a little more I’m hoping to get them a little more ‘oval/pointy’. After this I picked my shade, which she said she hadn’t done before and was ‘unusual’ (I live to be weird, let’s be honest), she applied the basecoat then I stuck my hand in the lamp for like 30 seconds. She said the polish ‘shrinks’ so it had to be cured as soon as possible. She applied 2 coats of colour then the topcoat and voila; done! I still couldn’t get used the fact that they were instantly dry and solid, so weird!

Anyway I’ve had them on for 2 weeks now, and i’m so impressed! They haven’t chipped at all and my nails feel so much stronger! I do cosmetics delivery every week at work, which means a crap ton of plastic, opening boxes, ripping packaging with my nails etc, all the things that would usually break my nails in seconds but i’ve done it 3 times and not a break in sight! My nails grow pretty fast so the only change in two weeks is the regrowth and once it looks too grown out i’ll definitely be getting them re-done. I hate painting my nails, with a passion, so having someone else do it every few weeks for them to look perfect is well worth the price (although that’s not exactly a huge bank breaker anyway!)

So i’m probably super late to the party and I know the majority of the world has had or has gels but this is just from someone who is terrible and nails and is too lazy to do them herself! Big plus, for sure recommend! 👌


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