Worth It? Colour correcting!

Hello lovelies! I pretty much say this in every post but sorry I haven’t been posting! To be honest i’m in a blog block and I can’t think of things to post about 😞 but I will hopefully be writing more “worth it” series in the near future!

Alright lets go!

Okay so if you use Instagram then you’ve probably seen some form of “clown contouring”, which was originally started by BellaDeLune (who’s tutorial I followed for this), and probably thought something along the lines of: why? is this necessary? do you really need to use this much? do I need to do this?? especially since it blew up instantly and everyone seemed to be trying it out. I know this is an oldish trend but I want to try all seemingly ‘extreme’ trends to see if they’re worth it at.

So I moisturised my bare face, grabbed my colour corrector palette and cream contour kit, took a deep breath and prepared to look like an idiot. And that I did:


I used the Sleek contour kit, which I did a review on here, and the Makeup Revolution Colour corrector palette and I followed the colours i’d seen in most clown contouring tutorials, so I’m not sure if I used the “right” colours for my skin tone but it seemed to work!

So I immediately felt ridiculous (and oily) and felt like this would never blend out properly so it was an instant fail but I gave it a shot with my damp beauty sponge and it actually worked!

It blended out quite easily, although my arm did get a little dead with all the patting, and I did bake (possible blog post on that coming up) my undereye and jawline to smooth everything out because it looked a little cakey, but it surprisingly it looked okay! The contour was a little difficult to blend but I may have applied a little too much. My face didn’t feel heavy or oily after it was all blended like I expected it to but I was a little terrified to touch my face in case it all just slipped off.

Conclusion: Is extreme colour correcting necessary? Unless you’re going to a big event with lots of photography and you wanna look flawless, or you’re sat at home bored with a sprained ankle and want to utilise the colour corrector palette you bought ages ago 🙋, then it’s not an essential. The clown part is pretty entertaining though!

Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time! x


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