HAUL: I had a tiny pity party…

Hello again! So I worked my butt off at work covering people’s shifts and just generally working too damn long/hard so much that I actually injured myself, oops! Anyway I was feeling pretty crappy because I was so exhausted but my paycheck cheered me up and so did buying things! 😁 I bought a couple of bits over a few weeks so I added everything new that I haven’t mentioned here yet!

I’ll start with my absolute babies;

😭💖 eveytime I saw the Modern Renaissance palette I thought “I don’t really need it, it can’t be that amazing, I probably have all the shades in separatete palettes!” but the more it kept popping up on my instagram the more I felt an odd need. So I caved, bought it and wept when it arrived in my hands; it’s so beautiful! The packaging is so stunning, it’s light and compact enough to travel with (as long as you are so frickin’ careful) and it has  all the shadows I would personally need to create a day to day look. I might do a whole post on this with different looks i’ve created with in depth swatches and stuff if that’s something that sounds interesting? or if I get really bored…

The Moonchild glow kit on the other hand was something I knew I needed in my life as soon as I laid eyes on it. I know it’s probably not an “everyday” highlight palette for everyone but i’m so pale that I will wear any highlight that shows up on my skin, even if it’s purple/blue/green, I dig the alien look anyway 👽 Again, i’ll probably do a seperate post on this one when i’ve played with it a little more!

I stocked up on some of the new D.Benoit matte lipsticks, because they’re my favourite liquid lipsticks ever 💖 I grabbed a couple of the new Gerard Cosmetics matte liquid lipsticks too as well as a couple of shades that i’ve wanted to grab for a while, plus I got them in an offer where I got a free Eternal eyeliner! It’s actually really nice, and considering I never get along with these types of eyeliners I really like this one! It’s black, not grey like most, and I can get a precise wing with it!

I did full lip swatches of all the shades on my Instagram if ya wanna check them out!


I restocked my Vichy powder, because I can’t live without it. Every other “translucent” powder I tried was most definitely not translucent, so I’m still on the hunt for other ones but for now this one works fine for me!

Makeup Revolution Rose Gold Lights I had to snatch this up as soon as I saw it! It’s so damn pretty! I use it as a blusher, I think it’s supposed to be a highlight but I use it as a pop of colour and highlight in one but to be honest even if it didn’t suit me i’d still bath in this because it’s so stunning 😭

I finally got my hands on some Sugarpill pigments! I also grabbed La Splash‘s glitter in Thistle, and the packaging is so cute! I haven’t had a chance to play with these much yet but I already know they’re amazing because, well look at them! ⭐

And lastly there was a 3 for 2 offer on L’oreal so I grabbed 3 new mascaras (because I don’t already have a draw full of them) I’ve only tried the Telescopic, which I love, and the Voluminous but that’s only to blend my lashes in with my falsies because it’s the blackest black mascara everrrrr, so I haven’t tested that one on it’s own or the Feline, but maybe i’ll do a post on all of my mascaras and favourites when i’ve tested them all out!

Well that’s it! My bank account needs a break now 😂 Hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for dropping in! See ya next time! 💖

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