RIDE or DIE makeup tag!

Hello!  So Jaclyn Hill started the “ride or die” makeup tag on youtube the other day and it sounded like fun so I decided to try it out in blog form! Basically if you were stuck on a desert island/your entire makeup collection was destroyed what you bring with you/what would you go out and re-purchase straight away? You’re supposed to pick one of each but I picked a couple for some 🙊

links are either linked in the product name of with an x at the end of each section!



It’s not technically a “primer” but I use it as one since I don’t use primers, but this has helped my skin so much! Since I started using it i’ve noticed my pores look so much smaller and my skin just looks better in general. I ran out for a while and I noticed my skin just went to hell, but then while I was searching for something else I found a backup in a draw I bought for myself while they were on offer, yay! x



I love the Revlon Colorstay foundation, it’s one that I always go back to and know that it’ll work for me, no matter what. If I have a tan (i’m so pale that the lightest shade is too dark for me) then the Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation works perfectly and would probably be my favourite. I also love the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation, but i’ve lost my bottle 😭


I actually don’t have my holy grail concealer at the moment because i’m testing out new ones but it would definitely be the Urban Decay Naked concealer (I wrote about it in my pale series) because it has buildable coverage, goes on smooth, doesn’t crease and is made in my ghostly shade!



I was recommended this for a white actual translucent loose powder (notice how most “translucent” powders are not translucent in the slightest???) and i’ve loved it ever since, this is my second… tub? I use it to bake and to set my whole face and it doesn’t make my skin look cakey or powdery; since I have fairly dry skin powders tend to look too drying on me but this works fine! x



I grouped these together because my go to is always this palette for contouring and blush, I don’t wear blush often so the 4 blush shades in this palette will probably last me forever. The contour shades are perfect to fair skin and the grey shades add the touch of cool to knock out any yellow from my contour. I did a whole post on this wear I profess my love further if you wanna check it out!



I only really wear bronzer if I have a tan so it’s not something I wear often but my wonderful other half treated me to Benefit’s Hoola bronzer and since it’s cool toned it works well for my fair skin! I use it more for contouring that actual bronzer most of the time. A cheaper alternative would be the Rimmel bronzer, which I use for bronzer because it’s too warm toned to contour with but it works well if i’m more tanned.




This was the hardest decision hands down. I was debating over so many highlights but this was the first highlighter I ever bought, and it’s always one that I grab without thinking 90% of the time because I know it’ll work with whatever look i’m wearing! x



I was going to pick the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray but I thought about it and although I love that spray, I think I prefer the Gerard setting spray! This spray seems to be lasting me a lot longer than the UD one did and I use it everyday, and i’ve noticed it keeps my makeup in place all day, I didn’t notice that with the All Nighter. Plus the Gerard one is cheaper and smells delicious!



I won’t talk too much about it because I already wrote a post about my brows here but I recently bought the Taupe shade since I lightened my brows and it’s pretty much the only thing I use on a regular basis now, it’s so simple and quick I love it! x



Can you guess what my favourite mascara is? 😉 I actually have a backup of my backup! I always forget I have this because i’m a mascara hoarder but everytime I go back to it I remember why I love it! Maybe i’ll do a mascara battle type post, since I have a billion mascaras! x



So for liner I wanted to go for a regular liner pencil and a gel liner, because I only use gels for my winged liner but I always have to have a good black eyeliner for tightlining. My favourite gel liner is the Maybelline gel liner (like everyone else) because it’s black black, it’s easy to work with and dries matte 👌 The Barry M Bold Black liner is the best waterproof liner i’ve tried by far, it’s soft enough to tightline with without fear of poking my eyeballs out but it actually stays where you put it! The only problem i’ve found so far is that it can transfer when you first apply it but once it ‘sets’ it won’t budge!



Need I say more? No, because i’m gonna give it it’s own post 😉 But basically this is the eyeshadow palette my life has needed for so long and I wish to be buried with it. x




Hands down my favourite lashes of all time! I’ve tried the Vegas Nay lashes and even some more high end lashes and while they’re nice, they still don’t compare to these babies! I once bought 6 pairs in one go because they were 1: in stock 2: on a 3 for 2 offer and 3: I get 30% off them… I love them so much! They just complete any look perfectly and while they look like they’ll be huge and overbearing they just give the look that extra kick, and they just look so pretty! Another odd thing I figured I would add to this list is my favourite lash glue, weird I know but it’s important! I know people say they love the Duo glue, and the house of lashes glue and every other glue out there but I really love the Kiss glue! I’m not sure if you can buy it on it’s own but I bought a pair of kiss lashes and fell in love with this stuff! It dries dark and it sticks, like my inner corners don’t ping up after 5 minutes with this stuff, it’s definitely a must have for me! I don’t know if you can get it by itself but if you can I am for sure stocking up!



My go to everyday lipstick is always 1995 by Gerard Cosmetics, I always grab it no matter what look i’m wearing and it just works! It’s not too bold but it still gives a hint of a red lip which is great for everyday, especially if you don’t suit a bold red (like me!) and it’s just comfy to wear and looks beautiful, like a your lips but better shade!



Although I only got this like a week ago, it’s already true love! It’s the perfect nude for me personally (I know, it’s grey. Grey is not nude, but I love grey lipsticks and I personally think it really suits me) and it’s so comfortable and wearable to just throw on for everyday and you know it’ll last forever! Ugh I just love it so much! 😩 x




I’m not really a perfume person, but since I smelt Onika for the first time it is now known as “my fragrance” at work because every time someone smells it they think of me because I live in it! 😂 I’m on my second one, plus the bottle is pretty rad! Soon I will have an army of tiny Nicki Minaj’s… 😏 I treated myself to Gucci Guilty Black recently, I didn’t even have a chance to smell it first so I just hoped I liked it and grabbed it, luckily I did! It’s become one of my new favourites, if I’m not wearing Onika i’ll be wearing this!

And those are my “ride or die’s!” Hopefully they were fairly interesting, this was actually fairly easy to pick! I kinda went to my makeup desk and just picked up whatever my hand naturally gravitated towards!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! 💖


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