Sup? My favourites this month is a a lovely little bunch because i’ve been stuck in my house for half of August so I didn’t have a chance to grab many new things! (I sprained my ankle so I was literally stuck at my desk and wasn’t allowed to go to work, i work in a makeup store. Do you realise how much i’ve missed??? 😩)

I’ll start with the obvious, the Moon Child glow kit. Oh, this is so beautiful. As soon as I saw it on their Instagram I fell in love. I adore the ‘unusual’ shades for highlights, I love the blue highlight from the Midas Touch Sleek palette so when I saw this palette full of alien/mermaid gorgeousness I had to snatch it up! As soon as I got it I loved it, and i’ve been using it everyday since! I guess because i’m so fair they don’t come up too harshly on my skin so it’s quite wearable for me (although i’d still wear them even if it wasn’t) and they’re only really stand out-ish when the light hits them.

2016-09-02 049

Pssst, i’ll have a whole post on this up tomorrow! 😉


Next up is the new D Benoit matte liquid lipsticks in the shades Zara & Savanah. I think i’ve already posted about them so I won’t go into it too much but for me they are the most beautiful shades! Zara is a stunning green shade, and Savanah is the perfect ‘nude’ to me! Oh, and they’re have a sale right now, perfect huh??? 😏


I’ve had the Sugarpill Burning Heart palette for a while now (after waiting for it for months) but i’ve been using it a lot in my instagram looks lately so I’ve find myself reaching for it a lot, so it’s worth a well loved mention! That red shade thoooooo +I cannot wait to pick up the Sugarpill Pro palette if it ever arrives in the UK!

2016-09-02 045


I found some Sugarpill pigments on sale so I grabbed a few to stock up and I finally grabbed Lumi! It’s just as stunning as expected, and i’ve been using it a lot for more “arty” looks. Is it obvious that green is my favourite colour? I also picked up Countess, Grand Tiara, Stella & Magpie, but Lumi is most definitely my favourite! (Although I still love the rest!)

2016-09-02 035


Letzmakeup spoke about the Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops in a video (and i’ll try pretty much anything she recommends to be honest) and I was finally convinced to give them a go! As i’m so pale I find it really hard to find a foundation to match me, even Ivory is too dark for me, so this was a miracle discovery! I’ve heard that it seperates and doesn’t mix with foundations too well but I haven’t had that problem at all, I just mix 2 drops with a foundation and it mixes just to a lot more foundation! It doesn’t change the consistency or the formula of the foundation so I think it’s a great product! I haven’t tried the darkener drops, because if I have a ‘deep’ tan “ivory” foundations match me perfectly so… I don’t think i’ll ever need to use those… But they would be great for makeup kits or if you buy the wrong shade!

2016-09-02 039


Since I lightened my brows my ABH brow pomade didn’t work anymore (I have Ebony, a little dark for my blonde brows now) so instead of picking up another one I wanted to try the Freedom version! It’s only £5 and it’s pretty much the exact same… dupe! Plus the shade Blonde is on the ashy side so it doesn’t give the dreaded orange brow effect! Maybe i’ll do a comparison/dupe test of these and the ABH ones?

2016-09-02 029


Lastly I wanted to mention the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner. I know I only got it like a week ago but oh my god it’s so damn good! I honestly wasn’t expecting much because I suck at liner, so I just assumed this would be useless to me since I couldn’t do much with it, but it’s a freakin’ miracle; it works! I can do winged liner now! 🙌


Sorcery! 😭

All right, that’s all I got for this month! Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ✌ x

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  1. ilipuma September 8, 2016 / 2:42 pm

    Gorgeous photos.. That Anastasia moon child palette is bomb!!!!

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