FIRST IMPRESSIONS/REVIEW: Makeup Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette!

Hello loves! I picked up the new Revolution Ultra Pro Glow palette yesterday so I figured I’d get my first impressions out ASAP!

2016-09-03 035.JPG

First impressions of this palette:

~super pigmented!

~buttery, not grainy/glittery at all.

~blends really smoothly.

~natural but buildable, I’ve seen some comments saying “I can only use a couple of shades/who could use all the colours?” but 1: I feel they apply subtly so it’s not like a shock of bright sparkle on your face (unless you want that) so I personally find I can wear most of them, except the golden tones because i’m a ghost, and 2: I’m guessing the brand wanted to make a versatile palette, because it wouldn’t be fair to make one palette which completely cuts out a lot of skin tones, something which unfortunately happens a lot. Plus, the shadows look beautiful as eyeshadows!

~shades are good for all skin tones, the lighter shades show up on my super fair skin and the golden shades would look absolutely stunning on darker skin!

2016-09-03 0382.jpg


I got the palette from Superdrug (although I think you can get it at Ulta in the US?) for £10 which I think is a good price for what you get! (I did get discount though so maybe i’m a little biased 😝) I just wanted to get my first impressions of the palette out because I was so impressed when I first swatched it, but I’ll probably do a whole post on it with different looks I could create, using it as eyeshadows and highlights! Overall I’m happy with this purchase, and seeing what stuff Revolution (and Freedom) are coming out with i’m really excited to try new stuff!

2016-09-03 039

I did try to get cheek swatches today but my camera wouldn’t pick them up properly so i’ll have to try again for the next post on this!

Alright that’s it for now! Thanks for stopping by! See ya next time! x




  1. Gigi September 5, 2016 / 5:18 pm

    This is absolutely stunning! Definitely picking this up. Thanks for the review

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