REVIEW: Sleek The Rockstars Collection

Hi, loves! I picked up the new Sleek “The Rockstars Collection” recently and I couldn’t wait to review it! Let’s jump into it! 

The collection includes the Hidden Gems palette, Superstar metallic lipstick, and Smokey Quartz Strobing Soufflé. The first thing that stands out about this collection is the packaging, it’s absolutely stunning! I can’t think of the right words to describe it and unfortunately, my camera couldn’t do it justice at all.


Let’s start with the palette: 

look at how stunning it looks! When I took it out of the packaging I gasped! The font is holographic, and it dances in the light, that alone is enough to stare at for hours; regardless of the contents!

Initial impressions: from finger swatches, 5/6 shadows feel buttery and soft. Amethyst Sky is the only shade that doesn’t live up to expectations, it feels chunky and the payoff isn’t too great but I know that purple is a hard colour to perfect so I’m not overly upset about it. Oddly enough, the finger swatch looks better than the brush swatch but when I applied it to my eye with the brush included in the palette it looked great! No primer or anything, weird, plus if you apply it with a flat brush the texture isn’t even an issue! The real winners are Emerald City, Amber City, Ruby Tuesday and Diamond Dust, in my opinion, as they’re pigmented, buttery and the swatches look great with both finger swatches and the brush! Sapphire Blues is just as soft as the others but it just looks a little dull/dim when applied; I feel like maybe adding it on top of a black base would improve it, though. They’re not chunky at all like some “glitter” shadows, they blend well and feel smooth, big plus!




All eye swatches were done without a primer or base shade and all applied with the same dry brush!


Although this isn’t a go-to palette at all, it’s great if you want to add some sparkle to your look, plus with the colour selection you can add a pop of shimmer to pretty much any look you can create!

Okay next up, the lipstick!


So this probably isn’t most people’s everyday shade but it is certainly stunning! Great for the upcoming party season! Again, the packaging is super cute and I’m glad that it has a slight difference to the regular V.I.P lipsticks. Whilst I love the shape of the bullet, I haven’t seen any other lipsticks like it, it is a little difficult to work with plus I feel like the shape would wear down fairly quickly. It does give a sharp lip line though if you’re into that vampy/pointy look? It feels really creamy and doesn’t take a load of layers to look good, super pigmented but slightly slippery, so I doubt the wear time is fantastic, but it feels really comfortable!


And finally; the Soufflé!


First things first, am I being really dumb or does this not look like it should be called Smokey Quartz??? And secondly: what the hell is Strobing Soufflé????? Well, lemme tell ya… I still don’t know. I like it, though! I still haven’t figured out the best way to apply it properly but it gives a really nice subtle glow when blended out! I tried applying it with a damp beauty sponge first but it didn’t really pick up much and just looked splotchy, so I tried it with a little concealer buffer brush and just blended it with the sponge and that worked out a lot better. Interesting concept could probably use some instructions for dummies like me, though! Sleek always rock highlighters though so this isn’t a surprise that this works, would love to see if they bring out more shades, though!

Overall I really like this collection! I’m super impressed compared to the last collection review I did, and I’m glad because Sleek is one of my favourite brands, I’m glad they’re still cranking out rad products!

Well, that’s all I got for now!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥

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  1. sarahscupofbeauty January 20, 2017 / 10:25 pm

    Love the swatches! And the purple lip color is absolutely my thing! xoxo Sarah

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