SWATCHES: Lottie London nail polishes!


Hello, loves! Today I decided to do swatches of all of my Lottie London nail polishes since I’ve accumulated 9 over the past 2 weeks… I have an addiction don’t judge me, and otherwise, I wouldn’t get to show them off unless you see me in person when I’m wearing them! My addiction began when I was going through the stand at work and realised just how pretty they were, I’d not paid much attention to them usually, but some just stood out and looked gorgeous in the light! There’s a 3 for 2 offer on at the moment and they’ve all been reduced to £2.99 each (plus I believe I get 30% off but I’m not sure on that) so I figured I’d give them a shot, what harm could it do??

I feel I should add, mainly just because it’s ironic, that I hate painting my nails. It takes too long, they always smudge and they last for about a day before they chip; what’s the point??? But on the other hand, I also hate having naked nails. The struggle is real, man. Anyway since I detest painting my nails I normally don’t buy that many or spend too much on them so to be honest: when these were £5.99 I didn’t give them a second look because I could get cheaper ones that worked just fine. Lottie has some really pretty shades, though, and they’re glitter shades are really lovely! They last surprisingly well, although since I work in a store when I’m constantly breaking or chipping my nails I can’t give my 100% approval since even the “best” nail polishes last barely a week (looking at you, Sally Hansen “gels”). The glitter polishes come off really easily with regular remover (thank god, if you’ve ever tried to remove glitter polish you’ll feel my pain) but my only complaint is that the glitter gets everywhere after you’ve removed it. It truly is the herpes of the beauty industry.

Onto the swatches!

All swatches except Wild at Heart (grey) and Downtime were done on bare nails, no base coat and with 2 coats max (some are uneven I know, I’m lazy), and the two other shades were done over Maybelline’s Peel off Basecoat but I decided I didn’t like using that because… it sucks, sorry Maybelline, and it made my nails sticky (hence the hairs) and uneven.

I really love these polishes, you can pair them together or layer them, or use them separately, either way, they’re great for the price! The only thing I will warn you on if you get them is to be careful if you shake them while holding just the lid because it will fly off and scare the crap out of your pets, just saying.

All right that’s all I got! Hope you enjoyed reading! My fingers are super dry from all the nail polish remover and I can safely say I don’t want to go near a nail polish bottle for a few days! 😛

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! 💖


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