MATTE MONDAY: Lime Crime Buffy

Hello! I’ve wanted to do this series for a while but couldn’t figure out how to do it, but this should be a regular weekly post!

I’ve gained quite a collection of matte liquid lipsticks so I wanted to fully test them all out! I’ll be doing these day to day so they won’t be perfectly applied every day (ain’t got time fo’ that, ya know?)

First up: Lime Crime’s Buffy!


Initial application

I applied Buffy for the first time at 3:57pm (I got it that day so I started this one pretty late), it glided on smoothly, opaque, not at all streaky, dried quickly and I didn’t need to layer it.
It felt really comfortable; like i wasn’t wearing anything on my lips at all!

2 ish hours later (after dinner)


I just ate dinner before this check-in (mash, veg and pigs in blankets with gravy, I’m very English, okay?) and was drinking Dr Pepper through a straw so I didn’t disturb it too much. There was slight wear on the inner rim of my lips which was to be expected, but I’m genuinely shocked at how well it held up against greasy food! I couldn’t get an HD picture on my camera, annoyingly, but I promise it looked barely worn at all! It was still comfortable and my lips weren’t dry.

3 and a half-ish hours later (final check in: full wear time= 6 ish hours)

It started to feel a little dry at the 6-hour wear mark, but if I wasn’t taking my makeup off to go to bed I probably could have worn this for a couple more hours without it being uncomfortable. I didn’t eat anything after dinner but I did continue drinking through a straw. The top right side wore off, but that was probably the way I applied it, and it’s a lot more worn in the centre.



Before I took it off I wanted to see how it re-applied, in case it was bumpy or flaky or just gross in general. It went on just as smooth as the initial application and there was no texture at all!

Final conclusion: this is so far the most comfortable liquid lipstick I’ve tried so far!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥


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