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So if you’ve been on the internet longer than 5 minutes then you’ll probably have heard the word “morphe” approximately 3.7 million times and how amazing they’re palettes are! Well, are they?

I’ve heard a lot of reviews on morphe, and off the top of my head, I can only think of one “bad” (I put that in quotes as it wasn’t exactly bad, just they weren’t as amazed by them as everyone else seemed to be) review. I first picked up the 12P palette because I was looking for some bright colours to play with, this was before I discovered the beauty of Sugarpill, and I really wanted a red eyeshadow!

I did all my swatches with a flat synthetic brush cleaned on a colour switch (so no damp brushes) as well as finger swatches, and I got all my palettes from Beautybay.com!

PLEASE NOTE: The colors in our palettes are different than individual eye shadows (although some colors may be close matches). This is done so our customers don’t wind up with duplicate colors when purchasing our palettes and individual shadows.
source: morphebrushes.com

12P palette


Sometimes a bit of bold color is all it takes to wake things up and change your makeup game. Whether you’re a beginner looking for a way to experiment without breaking the bank or a pro who wants to add a bit of fun to the mix, this palette gives you twelve eye-popping colors to turn your eye look into a work of art.
source: morphebrushes.com

 For my first morphe purchase, I was extremely impressed! It swatches really well with both fingers and brushes and it’s definitely buildable! It’s a really good staple palette if you want to just add pops of colour or do a full on unicorn look! The only issue is the black isn’t completely opaque but you can build it up, also I’m not sure if the white isn’t very opaque or you just can’t see it on my ghostly pale skin, but it works as a great base shade to make the brighter colours stand out more. The weird marks on some of the shadows are from where I scooped some pigment out to use as a liner!

12NB palette


Nude, natural but never boring, this palette has 12 warm wearable shades that are versatile and complementary. It’s that perfect go-to palette for everyday wear that works just as easily for a sexy night time look.
source: morphebrushes.com

I’ve heard this referred to as a “mini 35O”, which I guess is true but I’d say this one is definitely more on the warmer side. If I were to pick any palette to travel with it would be this one, you can achieve a natural look, a deep smokey look or a lovely warm orange toned look (one of my favourites).It swatches really well, especially the shimmer shades and they feel soft and blendable!

35B palette


These eye shadows are highly pigmented and the color pay off is well worth this investment. This 35 color glam palette consists of wild and bright colors perfect for someone who LOVES color! A variety of shades in yellows, orange, pink, purple, blue, green, red and black.
This Palette is a mixture of both Shimmer and Matte Colors
source: morphebrushes.com

This was my second morphe palette purchase, again because I wanted bright colours to play with. It has a really nice selection of mattes and shimmers, and you can create a gradient of colours really easily for a nice blend. The black isn’t very pigmented, but that’s the only shade I don’t use often, and 34/35 shadows ain’t bad!   The shimmers work really well patted on with fingers or with a flat brush and the mattes blend really nicely, but you will probably need to build them up slowly. If I were to recommend anyone a morphe palette it would for sure be this one, just because it will force you to work out of your comfort zone!

35O palette


From cooler grey-toned browns to fiery sunset colors, this palette is a beautiful mix of wearable warm neutrals that give you effortless versatility whether you are after a daytime look or full-on glam. The perfect balance of matte and shimmery finishes make it a go-to for makeup lovers at every skill level. Get everything you need to highlight, blend and transition without ever wearing the same look twice.
source: morphebrushes.com

My most recent purchase and the most sought after, apparently! I did fall for the hype of the “magical 35O palette!” and everytime I saw it or heard people rave about it I just thought “eh, can’t be that amazing…” but also a little bit of “well, it won’t break the bank, if it comes back in stock i’ll just pick it up to see.” and then found myself unbelievably heartbroken every time I missed out on it… Well, I finally snapped it up while I was on holiday and couldn’t wait to get home to play with it! Is it good? Yes. Is it amazing? No. It’s a good palette, really pretty colour range, great pigmentation etc, but for me personally it’s not my favourite. Now I should make it clear: I love bright colours. Neutral eye looks are just not me so I always end up creating the same kind of look with this palette. BUT if you love neutral looks, smoky eyes and warm colours then you’ll definitely love this! If you can get your hands on it then it’s worth it!!

So, is it worth it?

Yes! You can spend at least half the money on one morphe palette rather than a higher end, more expensive one, and still achieve the look you want. Plus they have so many palettes you can pick one that would suit you the best, and you get 35 colours to choose from! Do you need those ABH or KVD palettes, probably not, but if you’re a makeup junkie like me then you’ll probably get them anyway but if you just want an everyday palette or just something to play with then these are definitely a more budget friendly option!

Hope this was helpful! Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥

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