MATTE MONDAY: Lime Crime Teddy Bear

Hello, loves! Sorry for the quality; I didn’t have time to take HD pictures so snaps at work was all I could do 😭

This week: Lime Crime’s Teddy Bear!

Not gonna lie, I got this shade because of Melanie Martinez… don’t judge me 😝

PicMonkey Collage.png

Initial application (I actually applied it at 9:30 but didn’t have time to take a photo then!)


 I applied it at 9:30am (in a hurry, don’t mind the messy application and the gaps I missed) and it went on really smooth as usual and pigmented. It went on pretty much exactly the same as Buffy and felt invisible!

3 hours later


I skipped breakfast (a recurring theme) so ate a Bueno bar, pretzels and drank apple juice (no straw) and saw no wear at all! I’ve also just realised you’re all going to find out how unhealthy my diet truly is… I should drink more water… Anyway, it still felt comfortable!

3 ish hours later


It got a little dry at the 6-hour mark, but that could be because it was so cold at work and I had the heat on my face most of the time. The centre was wearing off at this point but considering it’s a “darker” shade I was surprised it looked this good at this point! Also; dat double chin thooooo. 

40 minutes later (final check in: full wear time= 7 ish hours)


As soon as I got home I wanted to take all my makeup off and chill so this was my final check-in. For 7 hours of wear, I’m really impressed with how well it lasted! It felt a little dry and flaky but to be completely fair my lips are really chapped at the moment.



It reapplied really well, looked exactly the same as when I first applied and didn’t flake off or bunch up at all!

Final conclusion: I really love this shade! I was worried that the formula would differ shade to shade but it’s just as good as Buffy, if not slightly better!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥



  1. jeysedit November 29, 2016 / 1:35 am

    The colour is gorgeous, though.

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