HAUL: The Body Shop Spiced Apple Collection

Hello, loves! I was sucked into the “40% off one day only!” offer that The Body Shop popped into my inbox a couple of weeks ago so I grabbed a couple of bits from the new Spiced Apple collection because it sounded so delicious! The Body Shop shut down in my local town, much to my heartbreak, so I didn’t get a chance to smell it before I got it so I just took the plunge and ordered it!


I picked up a candle (£10) x, lip balm (£4) x, hand cream (£4) x, foaming bath (£10) x and body scrub (£15) x which came to £43 total but with the 40% discount went down to £25.80! Couldn’t resist! 


The scrub surprised me because at first look it looks like a liquidy gel, but when you dip into it, it’s packed full of sugar… obviously as it is a sugar scrub… I’m not good with words but still, it’s just really weird that it looks like a gel. The scrub exfoliates really well! I used it in the bath before shaving and I feel soft like a baby sea lion!


The bubble bath is lovely, although you have to use quite a bit of it to get anything, and it kind of globs out in one go so I feel like this isn’t gonna last long even though it was £10, especially since I can get a 500mg bottle in Superdrug for about £1! It doesn’t have that strong of a scent either so that’s a little disappointing to me.


The lip balm smells and tastes lovely, and it’s great to pop in your bag especially in the colder months! It is really moisturising although it might not last long since it tastes so good!


I love this hand cream, my only complaint would be how fiddly the lid can be but that’s the same with all of the body shop hand creams so I can’t complain about it! Again, it’s really good to pop in your bag but the smell is  so good! It does linger for a long time so it’s lovely!


The candle is my absolute favourite from my haul, it sits in my bathroom and it smells lovely! I light it when I’m in the bath but even when it’s not lit it makes the whole room smell delicious! (I do have a tiny bathroom though) While £10 seems a lot for a candle, to me anyway, I feel like it’s gonna last me ages since it’s a whopper of a candle!


Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥


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