REVIEW: Takin Care Of Lashes!


I’ve been saying I’ll write a review on these lashes forever now so now is finally the  time!


How cute  is the little note they sent too?


T.C.O.L are an independent UK brand that offers free next day shipping!


If you follow me on Instagram then you are possibly aware that the Eylure 157’s were my go-to ride or die lashes 4evaaaaaaa, but these little babies have actually taken over as my all time favourites! I don’t remember how I found this brand but I know that they suggested “the Interview” lashes to me since I love the 157’s so much, which made me feel like they actually paid attention to what I did not just some automated copy-and-pasted comment on anyone’s page (I can think of a few off the top of my head that I get spammed with 😒). I took a look and decided to grab some the next time I got paid. Annoyingly I ordered them while I was on holiday and they were there when I got home so I’m not sure how long they took to arrive but it was definitely within a week!

I grabbed 2 pairs: The Interview and The Agenda lashes.

Made from 100% natural silk (also known as velour) material which is made out of synthetic keratin and comes from the flax plant(not silk worms!)
The band is made from 100% cotton.
Stackable and re use-able (suggested use 20-25 wears)

My absolute favourite go-to dramatic lashes are the Interview lashes, I absolutely adore using them to amp up a look! As I prefer doing more smokey eye looks they work well since they have the most length and volume in the middle, whereas the Agenda work perfectly for liner looks since they’re longer on the outer corner so it gives the cat eye effect. From the first use I didn’t have any problem applying them and they felt really light and comfortable, I’ve used big fluffy lashes like these before and they were quite fiddly, heavy and just didn’t sit right but these just popped on easy peasy! I’ve used the Interview lashes probably about 15-20 times at this point and they’re still just as perfect as when I first got them, and the Agenda lashes are just as perfect but I’ve only used them probably about 10 times!

Looks I’ve done using these lashes:

The Interview

The Agenda


I adore these lashes! I’m definitely stocking up on them soon, as well as grabbing the other styles they have! Plus they have a vegan line coming soon so that’s exciting! I highly recommend these lashes if you love big dramatic fluffy lashes that won’t stab you in the eyeballs! 😍

Make sure you check out their Instagram too! ♥



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