REVIEW: Kat Von D MetalMatte Palette!


 I’ve been playing around with the Kat Von D MetalMatte palette so I figured I’d give it a review for you guys!

MetalMatte is finally here! Get your hands on our brand new, super-limited eyeshadow palette: 22 to-die-for shades in two high-contrast finishes. At KvD Beauty, we celebrate the two sides within everyone, whether it’s soft and romantic, rock ‘n’ roll, or both! The top row is a gorgeous lineup of Metal Crush Eyeshadow in 8 new shades, plus ‘Synergy’ a bestselling bronze from the original collection. The bottom row features a rainbow array of buttery mattes in Kat’s signature eyeshadow formula, with a range of new tones, from dark and moody to pastel neutrals.


LINEN (matte white)
JET (matte black)
VELOUR (matte royal blue)
STONE (matte cement gray)
MOSS (matte forest green)
RIBBON (matte deep purple)
SILK (matte terra cotta)
FRINGE (matte peach)
FEATHER (matte dandelion)
OAK (matte chocolate brown)
SUEDE (matte fawn)
BONE (matte cream)
VELVET (matte deep plum)


NEBULA (metallic navy)
WATT (metallic teal)
IGNITE (metallic sea foam)
TINSEL (metallic pewter)
GLITZ (metallic rose gold)
TWINKLE (metallic lilac)
VOLT (metallic violet)
SYNERGY (metallic bronze)
FLASH (metallic gold)

I missed out on the La Vida Loca Remix palette because it was a limited edition holiday thing and Kat Von D wasn’t available in the UK then so that really bummed me out, then the MetalMatte palette was announced but I thought that I was gonna miss it again because KVD wasn’t available yer at the time of release; ugh. Luckily, Debenhams stocked it (and it’s still in stock!)!! Although I didn’t actually realise it was limited edition when I bought it so I’m pretty glad I grabbed it now, plus it’s my first Kat Von D palette! 🤗 I’d heard so many good things about her palettes, and I do adore her anyway, so I was really excited to grab a palette that was bigger than my head!


PicMonkey Collage.pngThe main thing that I love about this palette is the packaging, it’s sleek and in true Kat Von D style, it’s an ambigram! I adore the effort that Kat puts into all of her products, it really makes them stand out and above all the rest.


This palette is legitimately bigger than my head, which is a little scary since it’s pretty heavy and I’m terrified to drop it! There’s 13 matte shades and 9 metal shades, and the pans are a decent size! It comes with a huge mirror but I do find that since the palette is so big it’s hard to hold while using it so I normally just use my regular mirror with the palette sat on my desk or lap. The palette feels sturdy, and it has slipped off my desk before and didn’t take any damage, but considering it’s £50 I won’t be letting that happen again!


The matte shades are mostly  really buttery, smooth and extremely pigmented, although I have noticed that with the lighter shades they do have a little fallout. My only complaint would be about the shade selection, I wish there were more orangey-reddy tones, but since I have so many palettes now with all of those shades it isn’t too much of a big deal to me.

swatch2Jet is a little disappointing as it’s not as pigmented as I was hoping, but Linen, Velour and Stone are buttery and smooth, both with a brush or finger, although I haven’t used Velour in a proper look yet.


Ribbon and Silk are not as pigmented as I’d hoped, but I also know that purple is apparently a very hard formula to nail, plus you can build them up beautifully so I’m not complaining! Fringe is a really beautiful transition shade for pinky looks and it’s super buttery.


The last 5 shades in the palette are lovely, although in the pan Velvet looks much more purple to me but on the eye it’s brown so personally that’s a bummer for me, but it’s unbelievably pigmented! Bone is pretty much my skin tone, and Suede is a perfect crease shade for an everyday look, and you can add Oak and Velvet for a really natural smokey eye!



The metal shades are by far the best shimmers out there, hands down. They don’t need primers or glue, can be applied with a brush with no problems and feel really smooth; not chunky at all! Glitz is perfect for a brow highlight and Twinkle and Volt look lovely as inner corner highlights!


There isn’t one metal shade in this palette that I don’t like, they’re all so stunning! 

My favourite metal shades: Nebula, Watt, Volt and Twinkle.
My favourite matte shades: Moss, Fringe, Suede, Bone and Velvet.


I feel like I’ve played with the palette enough to give my honest review, but I haven’t used all of the colours yet so I may make a separate post dedicated to looks just using this palette!

Thanks for reading! ♥


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