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So Colourpop finally ships to the UK (with $9.99 shipping, or free when you spend over $50!) and I’ve only heard good things so I grabbed some when they had a free international shipping offer! I only bought a few bits to try but I figured I’d show you anyway!


I placed my order on the 23rd November, spent $22 total (approximately £18) and it was “delivered” on 30th November, but I had to pay customs fee’s so I only got it today (3rd December). The customs fee hiked the total price up to about £30, which kinda sucks but that’s Royal Mail for ya! I’ll probably order from them again but I’ll definitely buy more to make the customs fee worth it! I’m already planning on buying the NKLA collab!

I knew Colourpop sent handwritten thank you notes with orders but I wasn’t expecting one like this! I’m guessing it was a thanksgiving thing? How cute!

PicMonkey Collage.png

It also came with this little booklet that tells you how to use their products and little tips on how to make them work best, which is really helpful!


I got 2 Lippie Stix and 2 Ultra Matte Lips: BEEPER, TRAP, TOOTSI and LUMIÉRE.





The first thing I noticed about the Ultra Matte Lips are the wands seem to be slightly different from each other, kinda weird?


Beeper seems to have a slightly bigger and fluffier wand, I’m sure it makes no difference, just a weird thing I noticed!

I’ve only swatched them on my hand so far but the Lippie Stix felt really moisturising and pigmented and the Matte Lips didn’t seem to be drying, but I won’t know until I try them properly! (Pssst, hint for a Matte Monday coming up!)

Hope you enjoyed! ♥



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