MATTE MONDAY: Kat Von D Double Dare!


This week: Kat Von D’s Double Dare!


Initial application


It applied really smoothly and instantly felt light. It dried fairly quickly but I did notice that if I applied a layer before it was fully dry it went slightly patchy. Once it was fully dry it felt really comfortable. I did miss a little bit though so sorry for the little gap on my top lip!

3 hours later (just before eating)


I hadn’t eaten or drank anything at this point but it was already slightly faded, but nothing too bad.

3 hours later (just after eating)


In  the lipsticks defence; I ate leftover pizza with ketchup, so I’m not surprised it lost the fight to all that oil! It was pretty worn at this point but faded to a “my lips but tinted” kinda shade, which wasn’t too bad! It did feel slippy and like it would slide off as soon as I touched it, though, and the kiss test (kissing the back of my hand) revealed a little transfer.

2 hours later


Again, to the lipsticks credit; I ate a chocolate fudge cake with whipped cream (because I’m so damn healthy) so, of course, it didn’t win. It was still there, though!

6 hours total wear


At this point, it was pretty much gone. I got in the bath and it was still barely there when I got out, plus it still looked pretty good, not like a gross, peely, crumbly disgusting mess like some liquid lipsticks fade too!

I may not given this liquid lipstick a fair test because of the food I ate so I may do this one again but overall it felt comfortable and looked nice throughout the day. It  felt light and like I wasn’t wearing anything at all and my lips felt moisturised all day! The colour is stunning as well, so I will probably grab a couple more shades!

Thanks for stopping by, see ya next time! ♥


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