REVIEW: The Body Shop Shade Adjusting Drops


I’ve spoken about these drops a few times now so I figured I’d give my review! I recently bought my second bottle but to be honest it took me a while to buy it because I had mixed feelings about it!

So when I first heard of these I heard mixed reviews, one was “it’s amazing, it’ll lighten anything without changing the formula!” and “it lightens but it changes the formula” so I was a little confused. My experience with Body Shop makeup has been a little hit and miss but I figured for £10 I could afford to give it a try!

  • I found that it doesn’t change the formula of anything I mix it with at all!
  • It’s an off white cream colour so it lightens to a more natural colour rather than looking too “ghostly”.
  • It’s a really creamy texture so it blends well.
  • You can mix it with pretty much anything; I’ve mixed it into a pot of foundation to lighten the whole thing, concealer tubes, cream makeup etc.
  • The dropper. Oh my god, the bloody dropper. It doesn’t pick much product up if any at all unless I’m just being dumb and not using it properly?? (I just checked my new bottle and I think I may have got a dud because the new one works okay!)
  • The dropper is also way too short. I had about 1/4th product left in the bottle which I couldn’t get out which just felt like a giant waste of product to me.



how much is left in the bottle that I CANNOT GET OUT



Although the first 3 don’t look like drastic changes it makes a world of difference to me when it makes me face match my neck! I only added 1 drop of the lightener in each of these swatches to show you how powerful the stuff is! The Maybelline Fit Me is in the lightest shade available to me, give me a minute to laugh at that please ahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha, okay done. (I’m assuming there are lighter shades but I can’t find them anywhere) So I added about 3 drops to this one and you can see just how drastic the change is! Still not light enough for me but it’s a start! PS I bought this online so I couldn’t swatch it beforehand and we can’t return makeup so I’m stuck with it wooo!


Would I buy this again? Yes, I already have. The only complaint I have is the dropper but other than that it’s a magical product which broadens my foundation horizons!

If you have problems matching your foundations/concealers then I definitely recommend picking this up, I can’t say about the darkener because I haven’t tried it, but if it’s the same formula then it is probably just as good!

Hope this was helpful! ♥


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