HAUL: Colourpop!


I ordered a few bits from Colourpop so I thought I’d show you all what I got!


DATE SHIPPED: 12/12/16




I already knew I was going to order Cat Nap & Puppy Love, just because all of the proceeds go to the Best Friends Animal Society, so I wanted to grab a few more things to fully try out the brand!

The swatches don’t really translate well through my camera because I’m so pale but hopefully you can still see them!

I also grabbed a couple of highlighters and a blush!

   Super sad that Over The Moon arrived broken but it’s all there and still usable so it’s not the end of the world, still kind of a bummer though since it’s so stunning! I got Prenup, which I was expecting to be super dark and not suit me but it’s a really pretty pale pink! I’m terrible at picking blush colours for my skin since I don’t really wear it so this was a leap of faith really! Churro. Oh my god, Churro. It’s sooooo goooooooooooood! I won’t be able to use it as a highlight but it’s so gorgeous I’ll probably be using it every day on my eyes and, to be honest, how could I not grab something called Churro?? Monster is so lovely, I prefer highlights with pink shifts so this is probably going to be a new favourite!

I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but I certainly wasn’t expecting them to be so soft! I almost felt bad for swatching them and ruining the perfect patterns! I’m not sure how they’ll transfer to face and eyes, as I feel like brushes aren’t going to work very well, I’ll have a play and do an update soon!

Speaking of brushes; they were offering a free brush when you bought 2 shadows so I picked the flat one!dsc_5183

Since I loved the 2 Lippie Stix I bought last time, I wanted to buy a bolder colour this time plus with Christmas literally right around the corner my god where has the time gone, a lovely deep red seemed like the perfect choice! I chose Poison, I have no idea if it will suit me but it feels really lovely and opaque! I also ordered an Ultra Satin Lip instead of a matte because I heard they were really good, and again I went for a red: London Fog. This one is more of a classic bright red, again, no idea if it’ll suit me but time will tell!

I was really worried they wouldn’t arrive before Christmas but they did, yaaay!

& that’s my little Colourpop haul! I really recommend checking them out, although I’m pretty sure 99% of the human population already has, but I’d highly recommend getting Puppy Love or Cat Nap#SaveThemAll♥


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