REVIEW: Sugarpill Pumpkin Spice


Happy New Year! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season! ♥

I knew as soon as Sugarpill announced they were releasing a Pumpkin Spice liquid lipstick to go with their Shadow that I needed them both in my life! I literally had an alarm set for when it went live and I grabbed the duo as soon as it was available! I wanted to do a review of these sooner but I wanted to play with them a bit first to get my opinion right, but luckily they’re still available in the duo and separately!


This is the first Sugarpill lip product I’ve tried and I love it! I really wanted a lipstick this colour (I refuse to buy the J* pumpkin shade) so when they revealed this I was ecstatic! It smells like pumpkin spice (yum) and the formula is really comfortable. It does take a little bit of layering to get it to the opacity that I like but it doesn’t feel heavy or drying at all! I really love this product, it’s definitely in my top 10!


When I first got this I wasn’t entirely sure how to use it, to be honest. I don’t know what I was expecting as I don’t own any shadows with this texture (metallic). It was a bit chunkier than I expected but it’s still soft. I first tried to use it as a lid colour with a flat brush but I found it to be messy and it had quite a bit of fallout, but I then used it as an inner corner highlight with a fluffier brush and it worked fine with barely any fallout! I really do love this product but I do recommend if you get it (or have it) to please for the love of all that is holy be careful with it! It fell off my eyeshadow shelf and broke a couple of days ago and my heart shattered with it 😭 It only broke in half and it’s still useable, I just have to be careful it doesn’t fall apart! To be fair, it does say to be careful with it on their website so my bad!

Due to the nature of metallic pigments, this eyeshadow is slightly more delicate than others. Avoid dropping from 2nd story windows. (x)



TOP: Shadow BOTTOM: Liquid lipstick

 DATE ORDERED: 14/12/16

DATE SHIPPED: 15/12/16

DATE  RECEIVED: 24/12/16




TOTAL PRICE IN GBP: £50.90 (ouch)

Considering they claim that international shipping could take 2-6 weeks I was pleasantly surprised when I got it before Christmas! This was my first time ordering directly from the Sugarpill website, normally I order from love-makeup or cocktail cosmetics but this collection was exclusive to The customs and shipping costs makes me a little apprehensive about ordering from there again but if they release another collection like this then I probably will!

Did you grab this collection too? What did you think?


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