FIRST IMPRESSIONS: L’oreal False Lash Superstar X Fiber Mascara


So I’ve been off signed work for 2 weeks (damn injuries) and I missed the launch of the new (new to the UK, not sure about anywhere else) L’oreal mascara but I can finally walk again so I went and picked it up! That was a long winded intro; let’s go!

I’ve actually been apprehensive about buying this because I’m trying to avoid brands that still test on animals, but since I work in a “drug store” I kind of have to try new releases to recommend them but I’m not comfortable supporting non-cruelty-free products. I’ll talk more about that in an upcoming post but for now, let’s just talk about my initial impressions with this mascara.

Okay so the packaging is exactly the same as the other Superstar mascara’s just a different colour, and it’s the same price too. (£10.99)

No falsies. No extensions. Just fibres. Our most x-treme false lash look ever.


Introducing new False Lash X-Fiber Mascara, for our ultimate false lash look without the hassle of false lashes or eyelash extensions. Extreme length, extreme volume, extreme buildability.

Product Uses

Step 1: Voluminous Black Primer
The Voluminous Black Primer thickens the look of each lash to build extreme volume.
Step 2: Lengthening Fibers
Formula enriched with 20X* more fibers for extreme length. Lashes appear lifted and longer, for our most dramatic false lash look.
*vs Superstar Original

Tips & Advice

Achieve 3 false lash looks with 1 mascara:
1. Natural False Lash Look: Apply one coat of the primer, then one coat of the fibers
2. Volume False Lash Look: Repeat application 3 times
3. X-treme False Lash Look: Repeat application 5 times

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Before I go into it: my natural lashes suck, and that’s my fault for wearing falsies all the time and ruining them. They fall super straight and cannot hold a curl. (Here they’re fully curled)



From this point, it went downhill. My lashes fell instantly and didn’t gain any length at all. I soldiered on and applied the fibres, though, I don’t know what I was hoping for but oh well.



Nope. No, thank you. I do not like this. It looked messy, got all over my lid and lower lash line (I’m not even sure how that happened, to be honest with you) and it burned so bad! I got a tiny bit of the “fibres” on my tight line and I felt like my eye was going to fall out! I know most mascaras suck the first time you use them but honestly I’m terrified to try this again! I didn’t try building layers because I just wanted to get it off of my eyeball, and luckily it came off really easily with Micellar water.

I don’t like doing negative reviews/first impressions but I really had high hopes for this and it was so disappointing! I personally don’t recommend this but if you like how it looks then go for it! I’ll be sticking to my falsies though! ♥

Sorry for the moany useless post!


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