DUPE? Kat Von D Shade + Light Eye Contour vs Makeup Revolution Light and Shade


Both these palettes have been out for a while so this isn’t anything new but as soon as I saw the Revolution palette I wondered if it was a dupe for the KVD palette so I wanted to put it to the test! (Also let’s count how many times I type palette! If you take a shot everytime you’ll probably die.)

So I bought the Revolution palette first then planned to pick up the Kat Von D palette to compare but annoyingly there was a large gap between buying them (I got the KVD palette for Christmas) so this is a long-awaited post for me!


Kat Von D Shade + Light: £36 x

Makeup Revolution Light and Shade: £8 x

The price point is obviously the biggest difference between these palettes but is that the only one?


The thing that immediately stood out to me about the Rev0lution palette was how similar it looked to the KVD one (the KVD palette came out in early 2015 and the Revolution palette was released around September 2016). They layout is exactly the same and the name is literally the same just flipped. Kat Von D always has beautiful intricate artwork on her products, she is a tattoo artist after all, whereas Revolution has always had plain black packaging. The Revolution palette is a hard plastic case and the KVD palette is a hard board kind of material (I honestly cannot think of the right word right now but you know what I mean, I hope). The KVD palette comes with a mirror but no brush and the Revolution palette has no mirror but comes with a double ended brush, as does some of their other palettes.



The formula in each palette is completely different; the KVD palette is smooth and buttery but the Revolution one is a little on the chalkier side. As you can see the shades are pretty similar so this is definitely a dupe but there is quite a difference in quality.


The back of the Revolution palette:

Makeup Revolution London
Mica, Aluminium Starch Octenysuccinate, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Koalin, Paraffinum Liquidum, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Polybutene, Dimethicone, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylgylcerin, [+/-: CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499, CI 16035].
Caution: For Adult Use Only. For External Use Only.
Discontinue Use If Rash, Redness Or Itching Occurs.

I’m not gonna lie and say I know what all of that means but I figured it’s important somehow. The palette 14g and has a 12-month “shelf life” (I couldn’t think of the right word so that will do!).

The back of the KVD palette:

shade & light eye contour palette
transform your eyes through the art of contouring
NET WT 3 X 2.3g / 2 x 0.08 Oz. 9 x 1.1g/ 9 x 0.04 Oz.

There isn’t an ingredient list on the actual palette but there is on the box, I, however, am an idiot and I lost the damn box… so no comparisons for that annoyingly. The shade names are printed on the back which I really like and everything is listed in English and French.This palette also has a 12-month shelf life.

Both palettes and brands are cruelty-free but I’m not 100% sure if these specific palettes are Vegan.

Looks I’ve created with both palettes

(They’re not the same look because I’m lazy) The liner on the right is KVD Tattoo liner.

Both of the palettes perform well and I like using them both, but I find working with the Kat Von D palette a lot easier as it blends quicker.

My personal opinion

I really do like both palettes but you can’t beat the quality of Kat Von D in my eyes. If you want the same shades but don’t want to pay KVD prices then I recommend getting the MUR one, but I personally see palettes as investments since I use them so often and they last a long enough time for the price to be worth it! I do own a lot (seriously a lot, I think about 15-20 maybe? Should I do a collection post?) MUR palettes and they’re always good quality and really nice so I do recommend picking this up if you don’t wanna splurge!

How do you feel about this dupe?



  1. Sian January 28, 2017 / 9:08 pm

    This is really interesting! I only own one palette, which is from KVD (although I am unsure of the name of it and think it has been discontinued – oops!!) and am always intrigued as to how it compares to other brands. Particularly as KVD’s colours are always so pigmented, and I’ve found the shadows to last entire evenings in tact! Whilst I can see the benefits of going for the Revolution dupe, even though they’re costly, I definitely think I’ll be sticking to saving for KVD palettes after this! 🙂

    • pixelheartmakeup February 6, 2017 / 11:48 pm

      Thank you! I honestly haven’t found any other palettes that compare to my KVD palettes, they’re so pigmented and buttery! It’s cool that dupes exist but I’d recommend sticking to the real thing as I doubt anything will ever come close! 🙂

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