REVIEW: Nyx Ultimate Shadow Brights Palette


hello, loves!

I picked up the new Nyx Ultimate Brights palette a couple of weeks ago and wanted to share my quick review on it!


My main reason for buying this palette was because I assumed it was an all matte palette because I only saw it online (completely my bad, I didn’t look at the pictures close up I just grabbed it), kind of a bummer but I’m still happy I picked it up! I believe there are 4 Ultimate palettes but since I love bright colours I instantly popped this in my basket! I ordered it from Boots and it was £16. This is my first time trying Nyx shadows so I was really excited to try this out!


The palette is a hard black plastic case with a clear front, I think all Nyx shadows are like that, and it feels fairly thick. I do feel like it’s a little wobbly and it can be kind of a pain to open, but I’m not worried about the lid popping off or anything!

the boring bits


PicMonkey Image2.png

PicMonkey Image.png

I feel like the more vibrant colours have better payoff than the more “pastel” shades but all of the shadows are good quality and blend out well! All of the shades feel really soft and the shimmer shades don’t feel gritty or hard at all.

looks using the palette


I wanted to see how the palette compared to my Morphe 12P and 35B palettes but to be honest I only found a few dupes from each palette and only a few are similar enough to be considered legit dupes. The Nyx palette doesn’t have a white or black shade, whereas both the Morphe ones do, and the 12P palette is fully matte.

all the photos were taken in really awful lighting, sorry!

So as you can see there not exact dupes, and I couldn’t find a dupe for every shade in the palette.

I really do love this palette and I’m really happy I picked it up! If you love bright colours then you’ll probably really love this palette!


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