The ‘I’m a useless blogger who always forgets to blog’ haul!

Hello, loves!

 I feel like I start every post with “sorry I haven’t posted in a while” but I genuinely am! I haven’t felt up to posting much lately, been busy and had some personal stuff going on and I’ve been focusing on Instagram over this. Anyway, I’ve picked up quite a few new bits lately so I figured I’d do a haul to ease back into it!



I used to use Olay skincare and Garnier Micellar water but I switched to the B. range instead! They are exclusive to Superdrug, completely Cruelty-Free and Vegan! I’ve only been using them for about a week so I’ll wait until about a month before I review them properly just to see how my skin reacts!




I already love Lottie’s nail polishes so I was so excited when I found out they did makeup too! I wanted to try their Lip Kits first then I was sucked into a black hole of makeup shopping! I haven’t had a chance to play with the foundations, primer or powder yet but the brow pencil is amazing and the liquid lipsticks are lovely! I’ll do a full review on the brand when I’ve tried them out a bit more 💕


So Superdrug have an offer where if you spend £12+ on Revolution products you get a free Love the Revolution palette! I wanted to try the Lip Kits for a while so I grabbed Reign (it was the only shade my store had when I bought everything, although after that we got them all in) as well as the Peach Lights highlight since I’ve heard only good things about it! I also really wanted to pick up the Strobe palette because it’s so pretty! Annoyingly the colours won’t pick up very well on my camera but the swatches show just how gorgeous they are! I’ve tried some of the stuff so I can do a review on them if people want? I have quite a lot of Revolution stuff (joy of 30% discount! 😍) so I can do a full brand review too if wanted! (I already have strong feelings on the Lip Kit…)


I’ve been wanting the Cover Shot: Bold palette since I first saw it and when I ordered it I picked up a couple of samples to try out! I’ve been really loving the primer water and the pore minimising primer so far! I’ll do a full review of the palette as usual soon!


I needed a new glitter glue and I heard that the Nyx Glitter Primer was great and it is, it’s amazing! I bought a new pair of The Interview lashes from TCOL as well as thier new The Felicia lashes! The Interview are my all time favourites and the Felicia lashes are so long and fluffy they’re perfect for dramatic looks! I also picked up the new-ish GOSH fibre mascara, if you read my review on the l’oreal fibre mascara then you’ll understand my apprehension, but it hasn’t caused me any pain yet so that’s a good sign! I’ll update if my eyeball falls out! 😉 I can’t remember if I already posted about this but I re-purchased the Tattoo Liner but in full size as well as Lolita liquid lipstick! I was torn between Bow n Arrow or Lolita but I’m glad I picked Lolita since it’s literally like my lip shade but better! Although I’ll probably get Bow n Arrow anyway! I finally managed to get my hands on Sugarpill’s Trinket! IT’S SO PRETTY! 😍

If anyone wants a review on a specific product then feel free to let me know & I hope this wasn’t too boring of a read!


As I mentioned before I’ve been wanting to go cruelty-free for a while now so I wanted to exclusively pick up some cruelty-free goodies! I am in the process of using up all of my current non-CF products and switching them all for CF! (NOTE: I do believe Smashbox are cruelty-free (they no longer sell in china) but after doing research I know there are conflicting opinions.)


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