“DIY” gel nails, worth it?

Hello, loves!

I’m still not sure what I’m doing with this blog or if I’m gonna even carry on with it but I figured this might be an interesting post! I still have a lot to catch up on here but I’m not sure when I’ll have the time to get to it (I’ve been really sick lately) but while I actually have the energy to type this out this is what’s happening first!

I recently ordered a Gel Nail kit on Amazon after apprehension for a couple of months and it finally arrived! If you read my post from a while ago about getting my nails done with my wonderful friend Sian you’ll probably know that I loved having gels but I never had the time or spare money (too much money spent on makeup tbh) to get them done regularly so I started looking into an at home solution instead!

Why I love gels

Since I work in retail, my nails break all the damn time, plus I absolutely hate painting my nails every week just to watch them chip or snap off the next day, ugh, but I found with Gels that never happened (until they started to chip in the 3rd week) and it just made things so much easier! 

I originally looked on Ebay, Amazon, Argos etc but I really wasn’t sure if I would use it that often or if it was going to be a giant waste of money so I kept putting it off but I finally bit the bullet and grabbed one for only £24.99! I got the C001 option in case you’re curious!





The kit I ordered came with a giant lamp (obviously), and I say giant because for some reason from the picture I assumed it would be a lot smaller, not sure why! Also a pack of little cloths/pads, cuticle nipper, cuticle pusher (I’m terrified of touching my cuticles so I will never use these), a nail file, a nail block, cleanser, some wipes which honestly I’m not sure what they’re for, top coat, base coat and 5 colours! Definitely not bad for £25! I can’t find anything about the brand annoyingly so I don’t have any information on them but they seem to exclusively sell on amazon and they have a few bundles of polish for fairly cheap.

The lamp is pretty simple, the box it came in has no name or brand and it only says 818 on it so I have no information about that, it has a simple power switch with the option of using a 120-second timer. I got the bulbs with the set but I’m not sure if they come with the lamp if you buy it separately.

Alright, that’s all the somewhat boring stuff out the way, here are some swatches!


The polishes are “temperature colour changing”, which are pretty rad!

How easy is it?

For my first attempt, it was pretty damn easy! It’s pretty much exactly the same as painting nails normally but you just have to cure between coats and make sure you wipe off any messes before you cure it otherwise it won’t come off! It’s really weird that as soon as the top coat is cured and wiped they’re completely dry and non-smudgeable, which makes things so much easier!

I’ll do a quick step by step on how to do it:

  1. clean nails and make sure they’re dry and free of polish.
  2. prep nails how you normally would (file, shape, buff if needed, push cuticles etc).
  3. apply a base coat and cure.
  4. apply colour and cure.
  5. apply more coats as needed and cure in-between.
  6. apply top coat when happy with opacity and cure.
  7. remove the sticky layer with cleanser.
  8. done!


So far I’ve had them for 2 days and they’re holding up fine, plus I’ve done a shift at work where I’m ripping open boxes and plastic and they’ve survived so far! I expect them to last about 2 weeks but if they don’t I’ll do an update, although I’ll probably update on my Instagram/story.

I also wanted to see if you could use regular polishes with a gel top coat for the same effect:


Short answer? No. The only one that didn’t survive was the Barry M nail paint, not sure why; maybe the texture? But the Sally Hansen gel and Lottie (it looks a lot better in person) polish seemed to do rather well, but I don’t think they’ll last as long as the actual gel.

And lastly here’s one of the polishes on my nails!

Not perfect, but not terrible for a first attempt!


If you’re lazy like me and hate painting your nails every 5 seconds and hate going to nail salons because you’re awkward as hell then getting a kit might be a good option!

Thanks for reading if you did!


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  1. Sian March 2, 2017 / 11:50 am

    These are incredible!! I hadn’t thought of buying a gel kit for myself, but these have turned out amazingly – I love the range of colours too! You know I don’t have the patience to paint my nails all the time, so will have to think about investing – unless you’re planning on opening up a mini salon…! And thank you for the shoutout sweet – SO kind! <3 xxx

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