REVIEW: Mikasa brushes!

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I was recently introduced to this brush brand and since I’m a sucker for new brushes I leapt at the chance to try them out! I’m pretty sceptical when it comes to new beauty tools, especially sponges, but I always like to give them a fair shot, and I’m so impressed with these! 🖤




what i picked up:


Material: Non-latex foam

Price: $11.00 (£8.90)

The Lemon Drop sponge is about the size of a regular sponge when it’s dry but it does expand quite a bit when damp. I have noticed that it dries fairly quickly when using it but it doesn’t get solid so it’s still comfortable to use, doesn’t feel like you’re hitting yourself in the face with a brick after a while, something I’ve noticed using other sponges. It’s really soft and bouncy, feels smooth and the shape means you can blend quickly with the bigger bottom but get into the little areas like around the nose and under the eyes with the pointed end. I haven’t noticed the colour bleeding when I wash it so that’s definitely a good sign! This is for sure my favourite item I bought and I would happily buy like 20 more backups!

  • F120 Tapered Contour Brush

Brush Hair: Synthetic nylon hair

Price: $16.00 (£12.95)

  • E220 Concealer Brush

Brush Hair: Synthetic nylon hair

Price: $12.00 (£9.71)

  • E400 Double Ended Brow Brush

Brush Hair: Synthetic Fibre

Price: $16.00 (£12.95)

  • E320 Tapered Blending Brush

Brush Hair: White pure high grade natural goat hair

Price: $12.00 (£9.71)

  • E300 Blending Brush

Brush Hair: Pure high grade natural goat hair

Price: $12.00 (£9.71)

  • E310 Pencil Brush

Brush Hair: White high grade natural goat hair

Price: $12.00 (£9.71)

  • E330 Large Blending Brush

Brush Hair: Pure high grade natural goat hair

Price: $12.00 (£9.71)

  • E110 Eye Liner Brush

Brush Hair: Straight synthetic hair

Price: $11.00 (£8.90)


  • They’re so soft!
  • Shipping is fast; like ridiculous fast! I ordered them on the 7th of March and received them on the 20th, from Canada. Whaaaaaat? That shipping time is insane! It usually takes about 2 weeks to get things from the US so 6 days from Canada is pretty damn impressive! (I chose the International Surface Air (Tracking) option which was $19.95 (£16.15) and estimated to take 8-15 business days) Oh, and no customs charges! 😮
  • The Lemon Drop is the best beauty sponge I’ve tried so far, and I really love the colour! Makes a nice change from the usual pink or orange.
  • All the products arrived safely and securely packaged.
  • Sleek packaging.


  • Some are made from goat hair which is a personal issue for me as I prefer using cruelty-free products but that’s just personal preference and not a con of the brushes themselves. (I still need to do a lot of research on animal hair brushes)
  • I have noticed a teeny tiny amount of shedding, like literally the smallest possible amount. I feel like that could be my bad though as I “clean” them between shadows with a colour switch so maybe I was a little rough with them? I’ll update later on if it becomes a problem.
  • The shipping to the UK is pretty high but it’s the same as buying from any other site I’ve used for international shipping, not really their fault but it’s worth mentioning!


Excuse my awkward hands, posing is not my forte…

Here I used the sponge for foundation, concealer (applied with the E220 Concealer Brush), liquid highlight, baking and cream contour. I highlighted and contoured using the F120 Tapered Contour Brush, brows with the E400 Double Ended Brow Brush and all of the eye brushes (minus the E110 Eye Liner Brush). This was my first time using the brushes and I genuinely couldn’t be happier with them! Everything blended so smoothly and the sponge made everything 10x easier!

Exactly the same as above but I added the little freckles with the E110 Eye Liner Brush!



Full details are up on my Instagram!

Overall I’m really impressed with what I bought, I’m probably gonna grab a few more brushes and try out some more of their stuff!

Mikasa were lovely enough to give me a code so if you want to purchase anything from their site you can get 25% off if you use the code: KELZGRAYMUA25 🖤

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed!

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