Hey guys! It’s been a while since I’ve done a favourites so I wanted to do a short and sweet one for April! (+ apologies for the photo quality, my camera lens died)

Kat Von D Pastel Goth palette

I snapped this up while I was on holiday since it made a surprise appearance at Debenhams and it arrived home the same day I did! I immediately ripped the package open and wept with joy. It’s so pretty! I’ve been using it a fair bit in IG looks plus since it’s “pastel” I can use it for pops of colour in everyday looks too! The formula is just as good as the other KVD palettes; buttery, smooth and pigmented, so good! I’m so glad I managed to get this!

Kiss Little Black Dress lashes

(I don’t have any product shots but here’s what they look like on!)

I wanted to try some new lashes out and I was drawn to these since they’re faux mink, plus Kiss make the best lash glue! I thought they’d be a little too dramatic for everyday looks but they’re actually perfect! I’ve been wearing them to work regularly and they’re so comfortable! Usually I feel like my lashes are stabbing me or they feel really heavy after wearing them for a while but I can barely feel these, plus they don’t touch my glasses!

Revolution peach lights

I know it’s not new and I’m pretty sure everyone talks about this on YouTube but the Peach Lights highlight from Revolution has been my go-to highlight for the past few months! I always reach for this when I’m getting ready and it works really well with my skin tone.

Freedom Bronzed Professional “Warm Lights”

I was immediately interested in this because it looks cool toned enough to work as a contour/bronzer for my skin tone. It’s super soft but not overly pigmented which means its really hard to put way too much on but it builds nicely into a natural bronzer.

I Heart Makeup Candy Queen of Hearts Blush

I’ve had this for a while but I never really reached for it until I recently decided to try it out again and I’ve just been using it everyday since! I don’t normally wear blush but this blends into my highlight really well and gives a nice natural glow without being too much!

nip + fab


I picked up the Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Cleansing pads (thanks Jamie!) a few weeks ago and I noticed my skin cleared up so quickly and it’s been really good lately ~touch wood~ so I decided to pick up the cleanser too to replace my non CF one and my skin feels so soft and smooth! I’ll definitely been picking up more of their skincare and I’m really excited to try out some of their makeup too!

vitamin E hydrating mist (couldn’t find a link, sorry, but you can pick it up in Superdrug!)


Huge thanks to Belle Jorden for this recommendation! This mist is pretty much a Mac Fix + dupe and it’s so nice! I use it for shadows, getting rid of the powdery look on my skin, hydrating boosts and before I put my makeup on in the morning, I love it!

coconut oil


Okay a little vague, I know, but I watched a video (can’t remember who by) on how to fix extremely dry skin and they recommended a small layer of coconut oil. I had a huge tub lying around that I never used so I figured I’d give it a shot on my nose. My nose is super textured, scarred and extremely dry, and I noticed applying a small layer at night and in the morning made it look and feel so much better and makeup looks a lot better now!

Mikasa brushes


I already did a whole post on these but I’ve been using the Lemon Drop and F120 brush every day, absolutely love these! (I have a code toooooo: kelzgrayMUA25)

mua pearlescent sheen

This highlight oh my god. The colour is gorgeous, it shifts from white to blue and it shows up on my pasty skin, whats not to love! Actually, the packaging of my one I don’t love, I have to jam some scissors in there to get it to open since it’s really stiff… Probably just that one since all the other shades I have don’t have that problem.

CoLab dry shampoo


I wanted to try these for a while since I they’re cruelty free (I’m still not sure on Batiste) and they were on offer so I picked 2 up to give them a go and they’re really nice! I hate washing my hair, gross I know but I have coloured hair and there’s a lot of it so it’s just irritating to dry plus I have dry hair anyway so it doesn’t get greasy quickly, plus it’s so much healthier than washing it everyday. I can usually go about 3-6 days between washes but I do love a good dry shampoo. I’ve tried some great ones and I’ve tried some crappy ones but I’m pleased to find that these are really nice! They don’t give a white cast and they smell really nice! Definitely stocking up while they’re on offer!

And that’s it for what I really loved this month! Hope you enjoyed!


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